30 March 2010

3 days to go!...

The ArtsBank was certainly taking shape with what looks to be the perfect venue for arts and culture within this beautiful, sleepy seaside town. Builders, artists, curators, (and just about anyone they could get their hands on!) were hard at work to meet the Easter deadline. Paintings going one way and sculptures going another, there seemed not a moment of peace for anyone working on the project. The day was certainly filled with the air of excitement and anticipation, with only a slight glimmer of the inevitable feeling of panic setting in!

The ArtsBank is set to be a major investment for arts and culture within the town of Saltburn. The newly refurbished exhibition centre will be host to five floors of film, fine art, photography and performance. A major new artistic initiative, funded by local businessman Bryan Goodall, aiming to boost the work of creative people across Teeside, North East and beyond.

The day went surprisingly well for us, which after first seeing the hustle and bustle within the centre, really wasn’t what we expected! After a tour of the building, I was given full reign of choosing where and how I was to display my work. And so to take full advantage of this a whole room became mine! It was the perfect size to display all the paintings I’d brought, with lots of natural light to accentuate the bright colours within them. Also to reveal and document the progress of the centre, filming, photo shoots and interviewing were taking place all day. A somewhat nerve racking experience being interviewed in front of the camera, but fun all the same! The films will be available to view once the ArtsBank get their website up and running. Everyone working there was really helpful with the set up which meant we were done and dusted within a few hours. Just in time for a pub lunch down by the sea!

Just can’t wait to get down to Saltburn again for the grand opening now. Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd April have been set for the official opening dates for the public. I will be there on the Friday to witness this much anticipated event and to talk to anyone who might interested in my work. Many people are expected from far and wide, as well as many of the other artists themselves. A perfect way to spend your Easter weekend I should think!

29 Milton Street, Saltburn-By-The-Sea, TS12 1DJ
+44 (0) 1287 625 300

24 March 2010

Colourful Colourful Houses

I have just come across this great image by Doug Bird. All the way from Newfoundland, Canada. It reminds me of the painting I have just finished of Lovaine Terrace in Alnmouth.
I love the bicycle in front of the yellow house!

20 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you Ross for this fab birthday card of Morph. It brought back many happy memories of my childhood watching what this cheeky chap was getting up to!  I used to love watching Tony Hart and his art demos but was alway disapointed when my work wasn't selected for the gallery at the end of the show!


10 March 2010

Sally joins the Wishart business.

Welcome Sally!
This month at the studio sees a new face join the Wishart team. The delightful Sally Page is joining me in the studio two days a week to undertake an internship programme.
Sally is an Art History graduate who is keen to learn about life and work in the creative sector, and hopefully will teach me a thing or two along the way!