30 October 2010

Fraser and Finley Wishart

It’s been a whirl wind of a couple of weeks in the Wishart household. Just as I was about to finish off my last two canvases and hang up my apron for a few months of well deserved maternity leave it seems the little boys had other ideas! Relaxation, cuppas and cakes, converting the garage and preparing the nursery were my plans until the boy’s arrival in January.......... but plans changed very quickly when I went into premature labour two weeks ago.
Unprepared without a hospital bag or any pre-natal classes under our belts Ross and I speeded to the RVI where the boys were born on Sunday 17th October 2010. Fraser John (1lb 11) was born at 5.22am and Finley David (1lb14) was born 6.11am.  Born prematurely at 26 weeks they were the smallest babies I had ever seen. The boys were whisked away by a team of 6 docs & nurses from the Special Care Baby Unit where the boys are being cared for now.
     Finley Wishart
    Fraser Wishart
It’s been a rollercoaster of elation at becoming parents to the fear of losing them on a daily basis. The boys need intensive care and will do for some time. Ross is being fabulous in keeping the business running while still managing to visit the boys and I at the hospital. I am currently working my way through the cake menu at Costa Coffee in the hospital, but I am guessing it’s going to take a lot of cake and chocolate to see me through the coming months!
Thanks to all our fabulous friends and family for their cards, wishes and support we really appreciate it xxxxxxxxx