14 April 2010

Arts, Craft and Inspiration ...

After having a little lie in this morning I have just about recovered from the British Craft Trade Fair (11th 12th &13th April) an annual event for British and Irish Crafters who were exhibiting their handmade products.  Yesterday after a very early start of six in the morning, I hopped on the train to the lovely Harrogate to join my husband and business partner Ross for the last day of the fair.

We had a variety of my work on show, including framed, unframed prints as well as my handmade and printed greetings cards.  It went really well with lots of interesting people to talk to.

I didn’t spend all my time working, who could resist a little browse around the show when there were so many talented crafts people under one roof !?

There were so many lovely things that I cant talk about them all, but some work that really caught my eye included Fiona Frances SeaHolly Tiles.  These charming mini tiles come in three different ranges, I love her garden range with her charming butterflies. 

I also bumped into Donna Cheshire, ‘lovetextiles’ you may recognise her textile pieces from Mushroom Works Prefect Presents Christmas show.  I have a massive weakness for textiles, as I trained in textile design at University and I think her fun seaside holiday designs are definitely worth checking out – they are sure to put a smile on your face.
Currently I am working on my 2011 garden bird collection and Janice Parker’s quirky ceramic magpies caught my eye… highlighting a bird that I had almost forgotten. Working with porcelain and copper her pieces are figures from charming stories such as ‘The Thieves of Time, The Magpies and The Time Machine.’ Check out her beautiful website to see her characters come to life.