28 February 2012

Take a peek around the studio

I thought it was about time that you were all introduced to Joanne’s studio. If you’ve come to an Open Studios event or if you’ve ever popped in just to say hello, you’ll know that Joanne’s studio is well and truly one of a painter!

I often get distracted while working, as I can spend ages just looking at all the curious bits and pieces that take pride of place around the studio. Joanne shares a studio with Bethan Laker, an illustrator with a very bright, colourful and playful style. The walls are covered with Bethan’s illustrations, Joanne’s original paintings, postcards of anything and everything, and sketches of work in progress. And when you’re not looking at the walls there’s the trolleys with endless pots of paint, sewing machines, baskets of material, paint splattered aprons and my favourite new edition of three traditional deckchairs! I honestly sometimes wonder how Joanne gets any work done herself!

I’ve tried my best to describe the wonders of Joanne’s studio, but if that’s not enough for you, here’s a sneaky video.

To break up the day all the artist’s in Mushroom Works look forward to the call for tea breaks. Just outside the kitchen, an old school bell sits. If anyone goes to make themselves a brew and fancies some company, the bell is rung and artists come flying! It’s a great way for everyone in the building to have catch up and keep up to date with the progress of each others businesses. Plus, the kitchen has a working heater, so that’s another incentive!

The Mushroom Works is a great place to come and find out how different artists work and the methods they use. I’ve learnt so much by working here. So if you’re interested in Joanne’s work then do not hesitate to get in touch with her through the website to make an appointment at her studio. Alternatively, the next open studios event will be The Late Shows. From 18-19th May 2012 almost 50 venues throughout Newcastle and Gateshead will be opening their doors to the public offering a chance to see inside artists' studios and a chance to get involved with the artwork yourself. This weekend has had great success in the past and this year looks to be even better!

 We look forward to seeing you!