15 November 2011

£20 for one weekend only...

It’s all go here at the Mushroom Works! Joanne seems to be stuck for space in her studio at the moment, we are literally surrounded by 20x20s!

The Ouseburn Open Studios is just around the corner, and many of the artists at the Mushroom Works are busy making their 20x20s ready for the opening night.

Joanne has been busy in her studio and has been experimenting with lots of different materials. Building on designs of her old favourites such as puffins, donkeys and hares, she has also created many new designs such as the classic Volkswagen camper vans, beach huts and, my personal favourites, the weekender caravan.

Joanne's 20x20s

There also seems to be a bit of rivalry in the studio. Joanne shares her studio space with illustrator Bethan Laker. I’m pretty sure there have been some sneaky glances by the two artists to see how many each other have produced! Every time I come in I have to spend a good ten minutes admiring all the new 20x20s.

Bethan's 20x20s

The Ouseburn Open Studios will be open at the Mushroom Works on Friday 25th November from 6-8pm for the opening night. The studios will then be open over the weekend from 10am-5pm. And if the pictures below aren’t enough to tempt you, I’ve just heard on the grapevine that Lottie McPhee will be taking charge of the cafe this year. Surely no one can turn down a scrumptious cupcake or two?!