1 November 2011

Fresh Start, New Designs

After receiving such positive feedback on three of her coastal cards, Seal, Seaside Donkeys and Beach Huts, Joanne decided that it was time she added to the collection. After all, who can resist a trip to the seaside for some inspiration?!

The final designs she has chosen are deckchairs, VW campervans, the beach and all that entails. Joanne has wanted to incorporate campervans into some of her designs for a while now as they are such an iconic image. The same goes for the deckchairs. I know that Joanne has tried to take advantage of our, admittedly very short, British summer sitting back, relaxing on the beach, watching the world go by. The possibility of being able to design her own deckchair fabric at some point in the future has definitely brought a new and exciting aspect to her work.

The three new designs for the greeting cards are still a work in progress but I already love them! The colours really remind me of what a good old fashioned trip to the seaside should be. I’ve managed to take a few photographs of her work in progress to give you an idea of what to expect. They will be released next year to trade outlets at the Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC. Then they will be available to buy in various outlets and through Joanne’s very own web shop.

Hope you like them as much as I do!